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Learn about filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy if you're near Portland or Tigard, OR

Chapter 7 bankruptcy can be a good debt relief strategy if you don't plan to continue with the company. Filing for bankruptcy this way will close your business. A bankruptcy attorney from Streinz Law Office LLC will create a plan to liquidate the company and use the proceeds to pay off your creditors.

Talk to a bankruptcy attorney in Portland, OR now about the pros and cons of filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Hire a bankruptcy attorney who's seen both sides

Hire a bankruptcy attorney who's seen both sides

If you want to avoid a bankruptcy battle, work with us. Streinz Law Office LLC has represented creditors, as well as debtors in bankruptcy litigation. This means:

  • We'll have an edge when negotiating with your creditors
  • We know what to expect during the bankruptcy process
  • We can use our experience to your advantage

We can make filing for bankruptcy in Portland, OR simple. Call 503-621-7172 now to set up a consultation.