Is Chapter 11 Bankruptcy The Answer?

Visit a business bankruptcy attorney serving Portland & Tigard, OR to find out

The difference between the right type of bankruptcy and the wrong one is the difference between financial recovery and ruin. Before you file, consult with an experienced bankruptcy attorney at Streinz Law Office LLC. Chapter 11 bankruptcy involves creating a reorganization plan. This lets you salvage your business and pay off debt.

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Is filing for bankruptcy the right choice?

Is filing for bankruptcy the right choice?

Before you close your business, consider all of your options. Chapter 11 bankruptcy:

  • Stops creditors from harassing you and your family
  • Lets you continue to run your business
  • Gives you time and the means to pay back your debt

You could also have options for discharging debt, including tax liability.

Filing for bankruptcy isn't something to take lightly. Schedule an appointment to talk to a bankruptcy attorney by calling our Portland, OR office today.